Retirement Strategies: Achieve Your Financial Goals

We all dream of a wonderful retirement, but the path forward isn’t always clear. We can help you get there with proven income, investment and tax strategies!

Today’s retirees have special needs. The transition from a working individual to a retiree is a huge life event, and it takes careful planning. Not only do you need to have a solid income strategy, you need a solid tax strategy as well. These hand in hand could make or break your retirement plan.

At Merlak Tax Advisory Group, Inc., helping you achieve your vision for retirement is our number one goal. Carla Merlak is proud to be an independent financial professional, being independent allows her access to diverse solutions offered through investment and insurance institutions.

Move Forward with Confidence

Planning well for retirement takes a multi-faceted approach. Not only do you need a strategy for your income, but you also need to plan for taxes and invest well to finish strong.

Too often, people neglect investment and tax strategies and wind up facing financial problems in retirement. But this doesn’t have to be the case!

At Merlak Tax Advisory Group, we help people develop comprehensive plans to avoid outliving their money. This includes solid retirement investment and retirement tax strategies.

As independent experts, we have access to a variety of solutions from investment and insurance institutions. Let us put those resources to work for you!

How It Works

Our financial advisors want to help you achieve your retirement goals and dreams. You can contact us today to schedule a complimentary strategy session virtually or in-person. Between 1/15 and 4/15, please call the office at (779)220-9608 to set a time.

At this meeting, one of our advisors will sit down with you to discuss your goals for retirement. Once we understand what you’re looking for, we will then review the options that make the most sense for you, answering any questions you have along the way.

If you then wish to continue with us, we can schedule further meetings geared toward making your vision a reality. At these meetings we will:

  • Craft a custom-tailored action plan for long-term success
  • Support you as you work to implement the action plan
  • Monitor your progress and help you make adjustments if necessary

Your Financial Allies for Life

You hold the power to control your financial future. Let’s get there together! We will be here for you all the way to the retirement finish line and beyond.

Give us a call at 779-220-9608 to schedule an appointment virtually or in the office. We are located in Lake in the Hills, IL, and Elmhurst, IL.

Between 1/15 and 4/15, please call the office at (779)220-9608 to set a time.

Carla Merlak

Investment Advisory Representative
Licensed Insurance Agent
Tax Planning Specialist

Recognizing the challenges faced today by retirees and those on the threshold of retirement, Carla Merlak, owner and president, sought out the ownership of a firm positioned to truly serve their needs. She has been helping people in the western and northwestern suburbs of Chicago for over two decades. Her core beliefs of tax reduction have assisted hundreds of families put more money in the “right” pocket by implementing defensive investment strategies and the use of tax advantaged programs.

Carla’s priority is to assist her clients in developing and implementing a financial plan with their personal needs and goals in mind. Her values-based financial strategies help her clients make smart choices about money, develop defensive strategies to minimize the impact of taxes and inflation on their investments, and help preserve wealth and create legacies for their families.

She has used this knowledge to help retirees and pre-retirees, like yourself, increase lifetime income and reduce their tax burden, while reducing the effects of market risk on their retirement nest egg.

I’m sure you have questions, don’t put off your retirement dream any longer.

Come on in for your complimentary review by scheduling online below, or calling us at 779.220.9608

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