Digital Natives

Millennials are the generation born between 1981 and 1996.

As the first to be born into a digital world, members of this group are considered “digital natives.” Technology has always been a part of their everyday lives.

Amber Osoria

Insurance Professional
Tax preparer
Office Manager

Amber has been in the tax and insurance industry for over a decade, helping families understand their taxes and customizing an insurance plan to fit their individual needs.

“I originally became licensed in insurance to help my mother, Carla, with paperwork and applications in her office.”-Amber

As time has gone by, she found herself becoming more driven to educate millennials about insurance and finances. “We are not taught about insurance, finances, and taxes in school.” Her generation is unprepared when it comes to financial decisions. The lack of knowledge is scary.

She is committed to her mission to educate the younger generations about finances by explaining important insurance and planning strategies for their financial future, even at a young age. Whether you are just starting your career, need assistance with budgeting, buying your first home, protecting your family or education on retirement and tax strategies, Amber is here to guide you.

Merlak Tax is here to help guide you and answer questions you may have on the following topics:

  • Living expense and budgeting

  • Becoming financially independent

  • Getting out of debt

  • Saving for a big purchase

  • Planning for the future