Digital Natives

Financial Planning for Millennials: Success Starts Now!

Millennials are the generation born between 1981 and 1996.

As the first to be born into a digital world, members of this group are considered “digital natives.” Technology has always been a part of their everyday lives.

Did you learn how to handle your personal finances in school? If you’re like most Millennials, you probably never even had a class on the subject. So, why should you be expected to know how to do it on your own now?

At Merlak Tax, we understand how overwhelming this can be. Therefore, we offer financial planning for Millennials in Lake in the Hills, IL, to give you the help and attention you need!

Between 1/15 and 4/15, please call the office at (779)220-9608 to set a time.

Learn the Skills You Need for Success

We can meet you wherever you’re at to help you achieve your goals. Our financial planning for beginners includes help with all of the following skills:

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How It Works

Our financial planning service begins with a complimentary strategy session virtually or in person in Lake in the Hills, IL, or Elmhurst, IL. At this free, no-obligation meeting, one of our financial advisors will meet with you to learn about your needs and desires.

Based on this information, the advisor will then explain the strategies that make the most sense for your situation. We guarantee you will leave this session with at least one idea to help you attain your goals!

After this free meeting, you can decide whether you would like to continue with us or not. If you choose to become our client, we can help you achieve your goals through the following process:

  1. Develop a comprehensive strategy custom-tailored to your needs.
  2. Work with you to easily implement the strategy in your daily life.
  3. Meet with you regularly to provide guidance and assistance along the way.

Amber Osoria

Insurance Professional
Tax preparer
Office Manager

Amber has been in the tax and insurance industry for over a decade, helping families understand their taxes and customizing an insurance plan to fit their individual needs.

“I originally became licensed in insurance to help my mother, Carla, with paperwork and applications in her office.”-Amber

As time has gone by, she found herself becoming more driven to educate millennials about insurance and finances. “We are not taught about insurance, finances, and taxes in school.” Her generation is unprepared when it comes to financial decisions. The lack of knowledge is scary.

She is committed to her mission to educate the younger generations about finances by explaining important insurance and planning strategies for their financial future, even at a young age. Whether you are just starting your career, need assistance with budgeting, buying your first home, protecting your family or education on retirement and tax strategies, Amber is here to guide you.

Start Your Financial Journey Right

We’re here to give you long-term personalized support for your financial future. So, let’s get there together!

Please give us a call at 779-220-9608 to schedule a free appointment virtually or at one of our offices in Lake in the Hills, IL, and Elmhurst, IL.