Tax Planning

  Tax planning doesn’t stop after a taxpayer files a tax return Just because a taxpayer filed a tax return doesn’t mean they should forget taxes until next year. What a taxpayer does now may affect the tax they owe or the refund they may receive next year. Here are some simple year-round tax planning [...]

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Tax considerations when selling a home

Many people move during the summer. Taxpayers who are selling their home may qualify to exclude all or part of any gain from the sale from their income when filing their tax return. When selling a home, homeowners should think about: Ownership and use To claim the exclusion, the taxpayer must meet ownership and use tests. During the five-year [...]

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Silicon Valley Bank Failure

CIO NOTE from Mark DiOrio, Brookstone Capital Management What Happened? Silicon Valley Bank was shut down by regulators on Friday, March 10. This is the second largest bank failure by size (unadjusted for inflation) in U.S. history. This is a standard regulatory practice when a bank begins to either have liquidity or solvency issues. Who [...]

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Five helpful ways WOMEN can start to save more for retirement

What is the Financial Outlook for Women Planning for Retirement? The gender landscape across American industries is evolving. Today, women continue to make up nearly half of the workforce in the United States.1They own more than 12 million businesses2and are the sole or primary breadwinners for 42 percent of families with children under 18.3 But, [...]

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Should You Prepare to Retire on 80% of Your Income?

Examining a long-held retirement assumption.Provided by Carla MerlakA classic retirement preparation rule states that you should retire on 80% of the income you earned in your last year of work. Is this old axiom still true, or does it need reconsidering? Some new research suggests that retirees may not need that much annual income to [...]

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Got a letter or notice from the IRS? Here are the next steps

IRS Tax Tip 2022-141, September 14, 2022 When the IRS needs to ask a question about a taxpayer's tax return, notify them about a change to their account, or request a payment, the agency often mails a letter or notice to the taxpayer. Getting mail from the IRS is not a cause for panic but, [...]

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Have questions about the recent student loan forgiveness announcement? I’ve got (some) answers. (Please forward this email to anyone you know who might need some clarity about their student loans. There's also a very important note about scams at the bottom that's worth sharing. #themoreyouknow) You've probably heard by now that the government plans to [...]

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Options for Extended Care

Did you miss out on the informative webinar on options for extended care. No worries, here is the link to watch when it is convenient for your schedule. Watch Webinar Now!

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Retirement Friendly States

States vary widely in the way they tax retirement income so location is an important consideration in financially planning for retirement. Some states don’t levy income states on any sort of retirement income, while others tax IRA and 401(k) distributions, pension payouts and even social security payments like ordinary income. Income taxes are just part [...]

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